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[How to wash fat intestines quickly and cleanly?
】 _How to clean_How to clean

Fat intestines are rich in nutrition, which everyone knows. For foodies, its multiple methods can meet their own tastes.

However, the fat intestine also has its shortcomings. That is, once it is not cleaned, it will have an odor, which particularly affects appetite and makes it difficult to swallow.

So, how to wash fat intestines quickly and cleanly?

The following tips, you must master the fattest.


Find a pair of scissors and cut off the fat from the fat intestines.

Without scissors, it can be scraped off with a boning knife, or it can be torn.


After removing the fat oil, first irrigate the large intestine with water.

Then find a chopstick and push the skin from the opening of the intestine to turn the inside of the intestine to the outside. You can also use scissors to insert the large intestines into each other.


Put the large intestine in the basin. First, repeatedly wash the outside of the large intestine with salt and raw powder. Repeat the rubbing like washing clothes.

Then turn the large intestine over and rub repeatedly with salt and raw flour.

Finally rub with vinegar.


After washing one side, turn the large intestine over and wash the other side in the same way.

After putting the large intestine in clean water and rubbing it a few times, the water is still clear, indicating that it is thoroughly washed.


After the above treatment, the greasy and dirty things in the large intestine will be sucked away by the flour, and the odor of the large intestine will be reduced a lot, so you can cook.


But some friends are very sensitive to the odor of the large intestine and hope that there is no odor at all.

At this time, you can further process the cleaned large intestine: Put the fat intestine into the rice water before scrubbing, put half a can of cola, marinate for half an hour and then fine, it can quickly wash away the large intestine smell.

You can also use cooking wine or white vinegar with some water, knead it again, and rinse it out finally.

In addition, after rubbing with salt and raw powder, and then tapping with water, you can also remove the strange smell of the large intestine.