[How to make pineapple cherry mousse cake]_Homemade methods of pineapple cherry mousse cake_How to make pineapple cherry mousse cake_How to make pineapple cherry mousse cake

This is a dish that can be served to guests. The pineapple cherry mousse cake is very nutritious, and it has the effects of strengthening the spleen and stomach, clearing heat and detoxifying, and can help the body to eliminate toxins.It can be put in the refrigerator for a few hours, and then it will taste better. Re-making this dish in summer can help reduce heat and reduce heat.

1. Crush the biscuits, add the melted paste and mix well. The mixed biscuits are crushed at the bottom of the cake mold and compacted into the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

2. The whipped cream is distributed to the six or seven, and it is in a semi-flowing state, and it is refrigerated for future use.

3, Gelatine powder is soaked in cold water, steamed on the pot until it melts, and the cherry blossoms are soaked in hot water until the cherry blossoms are scattered and set aside.

4. After the cream cheese is softened, add granulated sugar and beat with an eggbeater until smooth, add yogurt and stir well.

5. Add the whipped cream and gelatin solution and stir quickly.

Juice the flesh of the red heart pitaya.

Pour out half of the mousse liquid, add pitaya juice, turn pink, pour into the cake mold, and freeze for 15 minutes.

6. After the pink mousse liquid has solidified, pour the other half of the mousse liquid mixed with pineapple fruit flavor powder and freeze for 15 minutes.

7. After the mousse has solidified, make a mirror.

Pure water, sugar, pineapple fruity powder, ten grams of gelatine powder, and stir to a yellow liquid.

Gently pour the edge of the mousse mold.

Finally, add the cherry blossoms and freeze them for 15 minutes before demoulding.

8. Add fruit decoration according to your preference. I use red heart kiwi.

This dish of pineapple cherry mousse cake can make you realize the wonderfulness of the food, enjoy the different experience brought by the taste, and enjoy the deliciousness of home-cooked dishes.